Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Below is what I copied from Josh's website. He wrote this after his treatment last week. He went to Tucson today for a Dr.'s appt. and got admitted to the hospital this evening. They're afraid he's got a bowel obstruction/blockage. They were supposed to do a CAT Scan and and MRI but for some reason it didn't get done tonight. I guess he's supposed to get it tomorrow, but for now they're keeping him in the hospital. Please pray that if it is a blockage that it will be easy for them to fix it w/o surgery! Please pray for some pain relief and that he'll get to come home very soon! He hates being in the hospital! Also please pray that they'll know which treatment to do make things better and keep the tumors from growing.

They went ahead and gave me another treatment. I have to meet with my Tucson doc to see if we're going to continue with this or not. I'm thinking that I'll stop this treatment and do another high dose chemo regimen like the one I was on before. I think it's another 5 days in the hospital for each treatment and again every 3 weeks. If I can get through 1-2 of those treatments, it may get me to a better state and then I can go back to the ET743 and maintain it until we can find something else. At this point, I think we really just have to find something to reduce the mass to get me comfortable again. I'm getting worse and on top of the pain and not sleeping, it's getting really hard to eat. I've lost some more weight and can't really eat many solid foods. I've been eating a lot of soups and pudding. I'm dying for some Taco Bell Chalupas, but last time I did that I was up ALL night in pain.

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