Monday, March 31, 2008

Julie, Grandma, Mom
Parker & Aiden at Grandma's 80th Birthday Party!

Josh and Rosie met with the Dr. in CA today. Josh is able to be part of the study, but it's not the one he had researched before. That one is closed for 2 months. Next week, on Tuesday, Josh will go back out to CA and start the one that they talked about today. I'm getting all this info from Mom and Josh didn't tell her what it's called. What we know about it, is that it's not a shot like we all thought it was going to be. It's a type of chemo. When he gets there they will put the drugs in a pump and then he can go back to the hotel. The next morning he will go back to the clinic for them to remove the pump and then he will get to come home. He will have to go to CA once every 3 weeks. After 6 weeks they will do a scan to see how it's working. If it shows progress they will keep him on it, but I don't know how long they will do that. If it doesn't show progress they will let him start the other one when it opens back up. If he does that one he will have to travel to CA once every week.

Please pray that Josh and Rosie will have a safe flight home tomorrow and that everything will work out with this new treatment!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Results of the scan- Part 2

I still don't have all the info. but this is all Josh has also. Rosie and Josh are flying out to Santa Monica, CA on Sunday. They will meet with a Dr. on Monday morning to discuss the details of the treatment and find out if he qualifies for it. From Josh's and his Dr.s' understanding it shouldn't be a problem. The only thing that keeps people from being able to do it is if they have high blood sugar. Thankfully Josh's blood sugar is just fine! The shot he's going to get is called IGF-1R Antagonist. From what Josh knows about it, he'll have to get it once every 3 weeks. He's very excited about doing it. A lot of people that have been given this have had great results! They plan on flying home Tuesday morning, but if they need to stay longer they can change their tickets. Please pray for a safe trip, that Josh will be able to get the shot right away, and that the shot(s) work! I will let you know as soon as I find out any other info.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Results of the scan- Part 1

Mom just called and said Josh called her about the scan results. The scan shows growth so the intense chemo isn't working anymore. He has an appointment on Monday in California to try something new. I'm sorry that's all the details I have right now. When Josh gets home I'll try and get more details and I'll post it as soon as I can! Please pray that what they're going to give him in California will work! Please pray that they will have a safe trip also!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Well not much to post, but I thought I'd tell you anyways. Josh needed another blood transfusion, so mom took him up on Wednesday for it. His numbers weren't as low as they thought so he only needed one bag of blood. They also did an xray because he was having a lot of pain. They found out he was retaining a lot of fluid but nothing serious. I'll post more after the scan on the 24th! As always, please continue to pray! We really appreciate everyone's prayers and support.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grandma and Josh at Grandma's surprise 80th birthday party in March!

Josh's scan and next appt. with the Dr. are scheduled for March 24th. Please pray that we get good results!

Mom took him to Tucson on Thursday for a blood transfusion. His blood count and potassium levels were low again. This weekend he had some swelling, but other than that he's been ok.
Please pray for his wife Rosie! She hasn't been feeling well the last few days.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Josh finished the latest round of intense chemo on Saturday. I saw him on Sunday and he was having some pain in his side and he was very tired. While he was in Tucson they went ahead and gave him a blood transfusion. Hopefully he won't have to get another one anytime soon! He has an appt. on Wed. so we'll see what the Dr. says next. I will let you know when I find out! Please continue praying. Pray that he'll feel better and that the pain will go away! Pray that his body will recover from the chemo quickly and that he will have more energy, strength, and more of an appetite! Pray that the next scan will give us wonderful results!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

(This is the most recent pic. I have of Josh! This was at Ethan's 2nd b'day party. Josh is in the background with the camcorder and Aiden is pulling on the pinata!)

Josh started the latest round of intense chemo on Monday and has been doing really well with it! When Mom talked to him yesterday he told her he didn't even have to take any of the pain meds. and that he was feeling good. The Dr. said the pains he was having before could've been from gas. I guess the gas was causing the intestines to push on the tumors and that's what he was feeling. I talked to Rosie yesterday and she said the next scan will be 3 weeks after he finishes this round of chemo. Please continue to pray! We're very thankful that he's been able to handle the chemo so well and we hope that continues. Last night he was able to visit with his friends Dave and Angela (they live in Tucson) and this time he's staying with Christy and Paco. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong!)