Wednesday, March 5, 2008

(This is the most recent pic. I have of Josh! This was at Ethan's 2nd b'day party. Josh is in the background with the camcorder and Aiden is pulling on the pinata!)

Josh started the latest round of intense chemo on Monday and has been doing really well with it! When Mom talked to him yesterday he told her he didn't even have to take any of the pain meds. and that he was feeling good. The Dr. said the pains he was having before could've been from gas. I guess the gas was causing the intestines to push on the tumors and that's what he was feeling. I talked to Rosie yesterday and she said the next scan will be 3 weeks after he finishes this round of chemo. Please continue to pray! We're very thankful that he's been able to handle the chemo so well and we hope that continues. Last night he was able to visit with his friends Dave and Angela (they live in Tucson) and this time he's staying with Christy and Paco. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong!)

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