Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Results of the scan- Part 2

I still don't have all the info. but this is all Josh has also. Rosie and Josh are flying out to Santa Monica, CA on Sunday. They will meet with a Dr. on Monday morning to discuss the details of the treatment and find out if he qualifies for it. From Josh's and his Dr.s' understanding it shouldn't be a problem. The only thing that keeps people from being able to do it is if they have high blood sugar. Thankfully Josh's blood sugar is just fine! The shot he's going to get is called IGF-1R Antagonist. From what Josh knows about it, he'll have to get it once every 3 weeks. He's very excited about doing it. A lot of people that have been given this have had great results! They plan on flying home Tuesday morning, but if they need to stay longer they can change their tickets. Please pray for a safe trip, that Josh will be able to get the shot right away, and that the shot(s) work! I will let you know as soon as I find out any other info.

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