Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Josh has been handling the chemo very well this time! Thank the Lord! He's feeling much better than he did with the last round! He's also been doing better about eating and keeping it down. The plan is for him to get released later this evening! Please pray that it works out that way and that they don't keep him waiting there! He's very anxious to get out of there and get home to his family!

I just received a prayer request from one of Mom's really good friends and would like to ask all of you to add them to your prayers and your prayer chains! Her sister has a good friend with a 3yr. old daughter named Kaitlin who just underwent heart surgery. Please pray for her to have a speedy recovery and for her health. Kaitlin's grandmother is also in the hospital battling aggressive ovarian cancer. Please pray for her healing and for the whole family as they are dealing with so much!

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