Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brett and Josh on Christmas night

Josh had his Dr. appt. and CT Scan today! They said the tumors are shrinking and degrading! YEAH!!!!! I guess they can't measure the ones in his liver but when they say they're degrading, that means they're not showing up as bright on the scan. The plan for now is for Josh to start the 3rd round of intense chemo on Monday. He will go to the Cancer Center in the morning and they will get him started and then he gets to go home (home meaning wherever he decides to stay in Tucson) and then come back again in the morning to get it changed out. He will do this for 5 days again, wait a few weeks and then do it over again. After the 4th round they will do another scan and decide where to go from there. They're still talking about the clinical trial. He does have to go to Tucson again tomorrow for a blood transfusion though. He's anemic again. Other than that he's been doing really well. He's been feeling better and has more energy to do things!

Please continue to pray that the chemo will continue to shrink the tumors, that he does well with the outpatient chemo, and that the next scan will show that the cancer is gone!

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