Saturday, October 27, 2007

1st pic. (from back to front) Jeff, Parker, Gilma. Ethan, Nana, Aiden, & Josh on the hayride to pick pumpkins.

2nd pic.- Parker and Aiden playing with Josh's umbrella

3rd pic. -Josh, Jeff, and Parker pushing our pumpkins back to the tractor.

4th pic.- Josh is sitting behind the boys while the play in a big thing of corn!

Josh had his second chemo treatment on Tuesday. On Wednesday he went back up for a shot that's supposed to boost his immune system. I'm not sure of all the details so I'll post more when I find out more about it. We were told this chemo was really supposed to knock him down, but he's being feeling really good. He's a little tired, but he said Monday was the best day he's had since the last surgery. Last Saturday we all went to the Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch in Wilcox and Thursday he spent the whole day at the park for a company picnic! We're praying that this energy and strength will continue! He has a week off from the chemo and then will go back for another cycle starting the first full week in November.

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