Friday, November 9, 2007

Josh started the next round of chemo on Tuesday and saw the urologist. The urologist told him what we were all afraid of- the tumor is pressing on his bladder and that's why his bladder function hasn't fully returned since the last surgery. Lately he's really tired and he's having more problems with the nausea. He hasn't been able to eat as much either.

His hair started falling out so he had Rosie shave his head the other night. He was actually looking forward to that part! I guess the boys watched Rosie do it and when she tried to even out Aiden's side burns he wouldn't let her because he was afraid she'd shave it all off like Daddy's!

On Nov. 27th he has an appt. to have a scan done. We're all praying that it will show that the tumors are shrinking! After that the chemo will continue!

Please continue to pray for him and our family!

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