Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yeah! Started chemo today!

The Whole Family

Back row (left to right): Rosie, Aiden, Josh, Angie, Jeff, Julie, and Baby ??
Middle Row: Nana and Pop Pop
Front Row: Ethan and Parker

(We took advantage of having Angie here and got everyone together to get some long over due family pictures! I will post more with future updates!)

YEAH!!!!!! Finally some good news! Josh started chemo today! The infection is still there but I guess it looked good enough to go ahead and get the chemo started! We are all so happy! He called me on his way home tonight and he said he felt fine, he was just tired! From what I understand his next chemo will be next Tuesday! Pray that everything continues to go our way. This next chemo is supposed to be the one that really knocks him down so we need to pray for his strength! He went up yesterday to have the port checked. They said it looked fine!

On a sad note, Josh lost his bird Sprocket yesterday! Rosie said they didn't notice anything wrong with him and then she found him dead at the bottom of the cage. Please pray that he will be able to deal with this new grief. It seems like he just keeps getting kicked while he's down! Today is hopefully the day that all of that turns around! Hopefully things will only continue to get better from here on out!

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