Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just a quick note to let everyone know what's going on tomorrow. Josh and Rosie are going to the Cancer Center in the morning. He has to have blood work done to make sure he doesn't have any infections. If that comes back clear then they just have to wait around in Tucson until they tell them they have a bed for him. I don't know if they will start the chemo tomorrow or not. Please pray that his blood work will be ok and that they will be able to get him a room right away. Please pray that they will get him a private room this time!!!!!!

He found out about a clinical study he could take part in in Texas, but he has to be treatment free for 28 days. At the time he spoke to them he had been treatment free for 14 days. The problem is that they don't think he can postpone any treatments that long to be eligible for the study.

Our whole family would like to say thank you for the everyone who has called or come by. We would also like to thank everyone who came to the decorating party yesterday! Several of Josh and Rosie's co-workers and friends came over yesterday and decorated the outside of the house! I will get pictures as soon as I can and post them! It was so thoughtful of you to come over in that nasty weather and make the house look so wonderful!

I will post more info as soon I get it! Please continue to pray!

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