Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Josh with his bald head!!! I took this picture on Sunday during our Thanksgiving dinner!

I'm not sure exactly how to write this. Josh's Dr. appt. did not go at all how we expected yesterday! The CAT scan results show that the chemo treatments he's been having haven't done any good. The tumors have tripled in size since the last scan. They're telling him that the only option left to fight it, is if he gets admitted to the hospital on Monday and undergoes 5 days of very dangerous chemo. They're telling him that the chemo is so potent that it could kill him! If he chooses not to do it all they can do is make him comfortable. I guess the biggest problems are the tumor in his liver and one in his pelvic area. As of right now, the plan is to check into the hospital on Monday and fight it with everything he's got! He's looking into a place called MD Anderson in Houston, TX. If they can get him in right away and have any different options, he may reconsider and go there depending on what they tell him.

We're all terrified of this next chemo, but we know he's a fighter and he won't give up! Please pray for his strength to fight this! Please pray that God is leading him and the Dr. to do the right thing and that He will get him through this! Please pray for Rosie, for her whole family, and for our whole family! Please ask everyone you know to pray also! We need all the prayers we can get!

Dad was in NC last night. He's picking up a load in TN and then he's on his way home. If anyone needs to get a hold of Mom, please call my house. She stayed with Jeff and I last night and I think she'll be staying with us until Dad gets home.

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