Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We need extra prayers tonight! Josh's heart was racing this afternoon so Rosie took him to the ER. They immediately put him in his own room to keep him from getting exposed to anything he could pick up from other patients. It looks like he's anemic again and this is causing his heart rate to speed up. It was up to 120 beats per minute and normal is around 70 bpm. They had it down to 105 bpm while they were waiting for the results of the blood test. They're going to give him 2 units of blood to help with the anemia. Each unit will take 4 hrs. so he will be at the hospital for at least another 8 hrs. They also think he might have an infection- maybe a sinus infection. Please pray that he doesn't have an infection and that they get his heart rate and the anemia under control!

He had his last round of chemo (for this cycle) last Tuesday and on Wednesday Parker and I took him to Tucson for 2 shots. One is supposed to boost his white blood count and the other is for the red blood count. They are trying to work it out with the Cancer Center here in Sierra Vista to give him these shots from now on. They were supposed to do it this time, but they didn't have the shots in time. I like taking him to Tucson because he always wants to go to Olive Garden when he's done, but it's not comfortable for him to have to drive all the way to Tucson for a 15 min. appt. each time! So hopefully it will work out next time to do it here.

He has a scan next week. Please pray that it will show that the tumors are shrinking. He will also start the next cycle of chemo that week.

I know this is repetitive, but I can't say it enough- Thank you all so much for the continued prayers, support, and kind words! We really do appreciate it! Please continue to pray for Josh and our family! Also please pray for all the others that have cancer and for their families! I also have another prayer request that I would like to add to people's prayer chains- my brother-in-law Mike took a contracting job doing medical support for a security detail in Iraq. He left on Friday and we are all very worried for him! It's very hard on the whole family to think of the danger he's in over there. Please pray for him, his wife, their 5 month old daughter, and the rest of our family!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! This is the perfect time of the year to focus on the positive and to remember and be thankful for all the blessings in our life!

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