Wednesday, November 21, 2007

THANK THE LORD! I just got off the phone with Mom and they are sending Josh home tomorrow! (He could leave tonight, but it's too late and they're so tired that they're just going to stay until the morning.) The CAT scan doesn't show a blockage! They're going to irrigate the colostomy and see if that helps. They didn't say anything else about the CAT scan so we still don't know if the chemo has shrunk any of the tumors or not. Hopefully we'll get that info later.

So ignore the info in the last blog update! I posted it too soon! We are so relieved and thankful for this news! Now we just hope that Josh will actually get to eat tomorrow! :) When I talked to him tonight I was kidding him about ruining Thanksgiving and he said he was so upset because he was craving Mom's green bean casserole! Right now they have him on a liquid diet, but hopefully that will change for tomorrow!

Thanks for the prayers and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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