Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hey! Just a really quick update! Josh got to come home on Saturday! YYYEEEAAAHHHH!! They did some kind of renal test and couldn't find a blockage in the tube from his kidney to his bladder. They also did several blood test because they thought he had an infection. For a while they were afraid it was MRSA. Thank goodness the test came back and said it wasn't. They gave him antibiotics to fight off any other infection, just in case! I don't have all the details and Josh told me he read the blog the other day and said I got some of the things wrong. As soon as he gets a chance, he's going to tell me what's wrong and I will post the corrections.

Today he was supposed to go up to have the CAT Scan done and another round of chemo, but that may have changed. Josh and Rosie are on their way to Tucson now to talk to the Dr. and find out where to go from here. As soon as he gets back and has time, he'll give me the details and I will get them on the blog!

We had our Thanksgiving on Sunday and Josh got his beloved green bean casserole! :) It was nice to have everyone all together and even though it was a few days late, it didn't feel any different!

Please continue to pray for his recovery, his spirit, his strength, and that God will lead the Dr. to the right chemo!

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